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100 Little Things

...that Firehouse does each day to set itself apart!

  1. Smiling Faces: we have amazing, talented, happy team members who love taking care of you.
  2. Coffee! we partner with Austin Java to provide you tasty coffee any time you come in. 3
  3. Tours: we love to show off our facilities to our clients and guests, at any time!
  4. Tags: we engrave Firehouse pet tags for our patients – as many as you want – forever!
  5. Comfy Waiting Room: for the short time you are in it, we want you and your pet to be comfortable.
  6. We Smell Good! we work hard to not "smell like a vet clinic" because we are anti-stink.
  7. Great Art: we partner with local pet artists to feature beautiful artwork on our walls.
  8. Snacks! nothing makes kids (and adults) happier than grabbing a snack and a drink.
  9. Kid Stuff: toys, coloring books, cartoons, and more to keep them occupied while we chat.
  10. Austin Humane Society: we provide $10,000 of care each year plus other support (over $35,000 to date!).
  11. Wine! we say “thank you” for giving us a try by giving you a bottle of red or white wine.
  12. Follow-Ups: we want to make sure everything is going well, so we’ll reach out to you often.
  13. Open Doors: there are no boundaries in our facilities; we want to partner with you in patient care.
  14. Getting on the Floor: most of our patients are more comfortable there, and so are we.
  15. Stress Free: we constantly strive to provide low-stress experiences for our patients and clients.
  16. Doctor Time: our doctors take time to sit and chat because it’s the core of how we practice.
  17. Dental Exams: we are tooth fanatics, so come in any time for a free dental exam.
  18. Comfort Room: we have special rooms for deep discussions or to say goodbye to a beloved pet.
  19. X-Rays: we pinpoint issues with a state-of-the-art digital system providing quick, high-quality images.
  20. Surgery Suite: we perform procedures in a dedicated suite full of the best medical devices available.
  21. Referral Program: when you trust us enough to send us a new client, you both benefit!
  22. Behavior Training: we work closely with Austin's go-to "dog whisperers" on all behavioral issues.
  23. Cremation Services: we work with Rainbow Bridge because they treat our patients like their own pets.
  24. Specialist Network: we pre-screen and hand-select a comprehensive group of specialist partners.
  25. We Do the Work: we will fill out and submit paperwork for rebates, rewards, insurance – it’s our job!
  26. Wi-Fi and TV: waiting is a pain and we minimize it… but if it happens, we have free Wi-Fi and TV!
  27. Scheduling: we care about flow and our schedule; emergencies happen, but we typically run on time.
  28. Dental X-Rays: our digital system is crucial in providing the best care for your pet’s teeth.
  29. Technician Team: our techs are the best in the business, continually developing their skills.
  30. PAWS Rescue: we provide $10,000 of yearly care, advice, and other services (over $30,000 so far!).
  31. Client Service Team: our talented coordinators are here to facilitate every step of the process.
  32. Efficient Design: we spend months with our architects designing each facility to maximize functionality.
  33. Wellness: we offer cost-effective programs to identify issues early to keep patients happy and healthy.
  34. Puppies and Kittens: we provide discounted packages for the crucial early days, including spay / neuter.
  35. Client Rewards Program: your loyalty means a lot, and our program rewards you with special perks.
  36. Drop-Offs: we know you’re busy, so we welcome early appointment drop-offs and late pick-ups.
  37. No Hiding: our patients are always close to our team so we can keep a watchful eye on them.
  38. Digital Records: our electronic medical record system is secure, accurate, and reliable.
  39. Vendors: we build relationships with vendor partners to provide the best products and best prices.
  40. Lab: our on-site and reference laboratories provide comprehensive diagnostics for our patients.
  41. Kennels: our accommodations are clean, spacious, and comfortable for our patients.
  42. Cat Friendly : we provide separate exam rooms and hospital space for our feline friends.
  43. Feliway: we use cat facial pheromones to decrease stress, especially in cat-only areas.
  44. Telemedicine: our medical team has 24-hour access to a specialist network for case consultation.
  45. Communication: we select for this skill in team members because it directly affects patient care.
  46. Collaboration: a core value here -- our staff works as a team to solve clinical challenges.
  47. Positive Mindset: we foster positive communication to help everyone stay productive and lower stress.
  48. Giving: for every $250 you spend, you can donate $5 to a community group ($30,000 in impact so far!).
  49. Vet For A Day: we donate in-hospital experiences to local school and community group fundraisers.
  50. Austin Pets Alive: we provide $10,000 of care per year plus other support (over $35,000 and counting!).
  51. Internships: we mentor high school, college, and vet school interns to help build careers.
  52. Microchipping: we register every patient we microchip to make sure our patients make it home.
  53. Continuing Education: we are constantly learning and training to stay on the cutting edge of medicine.
  54. Info To Go: we send every patient home with complete information for continuing care.
  55. Staff Development: we provide individualized plans for our team members to foster their growth.
  56. Teamwork = Success! we know teamwork is the only way toward continued growth and success.
  57. Boarding / Grooming: we research and build relationships with Austin’s best pet service providers.
  58. TV & Radio: our doctors are regularly asked to provide medical expertise to TV and radio hosts on-air.
  59. Eanes ISD: we actively sponsor and participate in events and provide mentoring for Eanes schools.
  60. Austin ISD: we provide sponsorship and education to students at Zilker and other AISD schools.
  61. Community: we engage with and support many community groups working with kids and animals.
  62. Chief the Big Dog: our 12’ tall dog attends all of our events and occasionally visits our hospitals.
  63. Advisors: our doctors are medical advisors to pet-related businesses and groups in Austin and beyond.
  64. Awesome Doctors: we only invite the brightest, most caring, and experienced doctors to join our team.
  65. Austin Vibe: we embrace the ATX culture; life is stressful but we are here to give you peace of mind.
  66. Unparalleled Service: we start with great medicine and add excellent service to create great experiences.
  67. Comprehensive Care: we provide great care in our hospitals, and we coordinate care with specialists.
  68. Education: we want you to understand what is happening; the more you know, the better job we can do.
  69. Passion: we are driven by a shared love of providing great care to pets and their people.
  70. Austin Animal Center: we provide medical advice and $5,000 of care each year (over $25,000 so far!).
  71. Demonstration: nail trims, oral care, injections, blood sugar – no problem, we will teach you!
  72. Client Relationships: we feel lucky to be able to collaborate with you to provide care to your pet.
  73. Patient Relationships: working to provide health and happiness to our patients is a reward in itself.
  74. Communication Training: we are involved in medical communication research and training for our team.
  75. Online Meds: our online pharmacy is an easy, convenient, and economical way to buy pet products!
  76. Pet Food: if a diet we provide doesn’t work out, we will take it back for a full refund and find another solution.
  77. Vaccines: we respect the power of vaccination, and we use as few as possible, tailored to each patient.
  78. Medical Products: we investigate and select the best medical products available for our patients.
  79. Alternatives: we have partners in many alternative therapies to offer diverse treatment options.
  80. Windows: we design windows into our spaces so that you can see what is going on in our space.
  81. Thanks: we say thanks in many ways, often in the form of a written note; we appreciate you!
  82. No Drama: we have a no drama policy to create a work place where we can actually get stuff done.
  83. Work / Life: although hard to balance, we create systems to help our teams achieve it.
  84. The “Why”: our culture is based on understanding why we are here and what we seek to achieve.
  85. Memorial Program: we honor each of our patients’ lives by making a contribution to Emancipet.
  86. Go Local: we try at every opportunity to support other local businesses through patronage or referral.
  87. The Bond: we value the role your pets play in your family; we treat them as if they were our own.
  88. Nutrition: great nutrition creates health and happiness; we offer the best expertise for our patients.
  89. Exotics: we aren’t limited to just dogs or cats; we also see birds, pocket pets, and the occasional pig.
  90. Welfare North: our Leander location provides $15,000 of service per year to 5 different animal groups in its first year alone!
  91. Locations: we are currently in Westlake, Kyle, Leander and Round Rock; we will be in Dripping Springs soon (early ’18).
  92. 30 Minute Slots: we buck the industry trend and schedule plenty of time for our appointments.
  93. Saturdays: we are open for weekend appointments because we know you’re busy during the work week.
  94. Surgery: scheduled or emergency, we provide most procedures right here, right now.
  95. Staying Connected: we post stories on social media; find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  96. Easy Appointments: easily schedule an appointment on our website or even through Google!
  97. Firehouse Swag: t-shirts and hats for humans; leashes, tennis balls, and water bowls for our furry friends!
  98. Austin Connection: parks, pet-friendly bars, and local festivals – look for us next time you’re out and about!
  99. Website: our mobile-friendly website is a great, up-to-date resource for both you and your pet.
  100. Feedback: good or bad, we love hearing about your experience – it helps us do even better.

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