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Adriana Mendoza, DVM

Medical Director

Dr Adriana Mendoza’s priority is creating a comfortable environment for pets. She lets cats explore the exam room, uses slow movements, and speaks in a hushed voice. To connect with dogs, she sits on the floor and offers treats to establish trust.

Clients love Dr Mendoza’s empathetic approach to medicine. She devotes time to talk with clients so they understand what’s going on with their pet. She offers various treatment options. And she demonstrates how to give medicines and treatments once at home. Dr Mendoza wants clients to leave Firehouse with all questions answered. Her ultimate goal is to help pets live longer lives with their human companions.

While Dr Mendoza loves all animals, she holds a special place in her heart for cats. And she has a special touch with even the most nervous cats.

Dr Mendoza received her undergraduate degree from the University of Texas at Austin and then completed her DVM at Texas A&M. After work, she enjoys spending time with her team at home: her husband, 2 kids, and many dogs and cats! She also loves traveling and dancing to country music.

Amanda Owen

Hospital Manager

Amanda brings many years of experience in the animal health field; she has volunteered and assisted with animals and worked as a technician and supervisor within the veterinary field.

She has a practical, efficient, and transparent approach that allows her to collaborate with clients. She empowers pet parents to make informed decisions about their pets’ health care. As Hospital Manager at Firehouse Leander, Amanda works hard to elevate each client’s experience at the vet. She is committed to Firehouse’s 100 Little Things — the small acts that we do every day to offer clients and pets a phenomenal experience.

Amanda understands that each animal has their own personality, unique needs, and comfort levels. She is Fear Free certified and uses this approach when handling patients, helping both the pets and clients feel more secure and comfortable.

Amanda has experience with a variety of animals: reptiles, small animals, and horses. She received her bachelor’s degree in Animal Science from Lubbock Christian University. She, her husband, and their two cats (Mar and Baloo) are so excited to live in the beautiful hill country.

Jennifer Moon, DVM


Dr Jennifer Moon’s passion is preventive care so pets live their healthiest lives. Her clients love that she’s compassionate, empathic, and friendly.

She prides herself on personable and effective communication. Dr Moon’s willingness to thoroughly explain treatment plans and recommendations allows her to establish a trusting partnership with all her clients. She makes herself available for her clients, all while providing the gold standard in patient care.

Always mindful of decreasing her patients’ anxiety, Dr Moon uses Fear Free techniques to relax timid pets. She has a keen interest in dental care and soft tissue surgery, as well as dermatology. She attends conferences around the great state of Texas and uses webinars to stay up-to-date with continuing education.

Dr Moon graduated from the University of Texas in Austin and received her veterinary degree from Texas A&M. She stays busy with her husband and daughter on weekends. You’ll find them BBQing, hiking, or baking. Dr Moon’s pets include Candy, a Bichon Frise; and Milton and Kermit, both Boston terriers.

Betsy Henslee, DVM


Dr Betsy Henslee collaborates with clients to create the perfect, individualized plan for her patients. She takes time to learn about the pets’ needs, as well as any constraints the client may have. Then she finds the best solution to fit everyone’s needs and lifestyles.

Dr Henslee has a soft spot for senior pets. She has a strong interest in managing chronic diseases of older pets and helping them have the best quality of life possible in their later years. She might recommend alternative therapies such as acupuncture or chiropractic, as well as traditional medications and supplements. One of her favorite things about being a veterinarian is the ability to see a variety of pets and cases, from seniors to puppies, to the sick patients and surgeries.

Clients love Dr Henslee’s desire to help their pets. She truly loves each patient who comes to see her and works to build trust with client and their pets.

After graduating from the University of Texas, Dr Henslee attended Texas A&M University, where she received her DVM. She, her husband, and two daughters love watching Longhorn Football in the fall and going for hikes. Her pets are Addie, a great Pyrenees/Australian cattle dog mix, and her early-bird senior cat, Sophie.

Michelle Montes, DVM


Dr Michelle Montes works with clients to find the perfect solution for their pets’ unique needs. Her patience, persistence, and honesty help clients feel comfortable with their pets’ care. Dr Montes loves providing relief to pets and clients; she knows it can be scary when our pets do not feel well. She is fluent in Spanish.

Dr Montes is Fear Free and AVMA First Responder certified. She adjusts her physical exam approach and treatments to fit each pet’s comfort level. Dr Montes has a Masters in food safety. She is passionate about small animal pathologies and diseases that can spread from animals to people. Alongside traditional pets, she also loves sheep and goats.

Dr Montes studied Animal Science at the University of Puerto Rico. She then received her Master of Science in Food Safety and Processing. She attended vet school at Ross University in St Kitts, and completed her clinical year at Texas A&M University.

She loves spending time at home in Puerto Rico, especially at the beach. In Austin, she loves to try new restaurants, camp at different national parks, do yoga, and read. She has a schnauzer mix named Chewbacca (Chewi); she is a huge Star Wars fan.

Jenny Bryant, DVM


Dr Jenny Bryant is patient and compassionate with her clients and patients. Her goal is for your pet to live a long, happy, and healthy life. She believes in preventive care through annual wellness exams. She utilizes Fear Free techniques to make visits comfortable for all pets, including the anxious ones.

Clients appreciate that Dr Bryant is thorough and communicative. She takes her time with every cat and dog to meet their individual needs. And personalizes care plans for each family. There is no one-size-fits-all approach for Dr Bryant. Clients also love that she’s detailed and an active listener.

Dr Bryant is interested in dentistry, internal medicine, and chronic allergic dermatitis. She attends continuing education classes to sharpen her surgical and medical skills. Plus, she has a soft spot for all cats.

Dr Bryant attended Texas A&M for both undergrad and veterinary school. When she’s not at the hospital, she enjoys spending time with her husband. She also loves to run, bike, and hike the Texas Hill Country with her goldendoodle named Penny. She shares her heart with her three cats: Petey, Ernie, and Artie.

Sara Cookson

Sara Cookson

Client Service Coordinator

Sara strives for clients and pets to have the best possible experience when visiting Firehouse. She works with clients and veterinarians to find the best solution for their pets’ needs. She loves meeting all the people and animals who come into the hospital. She is always ready to greet patients with pets and treats that each pet likes. She has a soft spot for cats and stocky pit bulls.

Sara shares her home with her husband, daughter, three cats (Phedre, Maze, and Raha), and a red ear slider turtle named Momiji. When not working, she loves to go to the park with her daughter, play video games, or watch anime and tv shows.

Amber Wood

Amber Wood

Client Service Coordinator

Amber greets each person who comes into Firehouse with a warm smile. She loves meeting the clients and patients who come in and forms lasting bonds with them through her outgoing and helpful personality. She is always happy to answer questions, listen to client concerns, and advocate for them and their pets. Clients appreciate that Amber goes above and beyond to help them and their pets feel comfortable.

Amber uses Fear Free techniques to help pets feel secure during their visits. She greets pets on their terms, uses positive reinforcement, and always has treats or love to give.

Amber received her bachelor’s degree in Exercise and Sports Science from Texas State University. When not working, she loves to play video games or read books. Otherwise, she can be found cuddling with her pets: Harper (a dachshund), Skye (miniature Australian shepherd), and her cats, Koi and Edison.

Breanna Holmdie

Breanna Holmdie

Veterinary Technician

Breanna’s positive and calm demeanor helps put clients and patients at ease when visiting Firehouse. She tries to read the patient’s cues and respect their boundaries to keep their stress level as low as possible.

Breanna is always learning by expanding her knowledge base with training courses and learning from coworkers. She likes to educate owners in their pet’s healthcare and well-being so that can care for them properly at home.

When not being distracted by all the cuteness at Firehouse, you will find her buried in a good book, spending time outdoors, or on a camping adventure with her husband and their daughter, Freja. Their furry family includes a Tortoiseshell cat named Tori, and two handsome Great Danes named Baldur and Fenrir.

Sarah Wenetschlaeger

Sarah Wenetschlaeger

Veterinary Technician

Sarah finds fulfillment in helping pets live happy, healthy lives. She wants vet visits to not be scary or overwhelming for pets or their people. Sarah loves to educate pet owners on the importance of prevention and yearly lab work. In addition to answering any questions clients may have, she also provides resources for clients to review.

Sarah believes in the importance of Fear Free techniques. She is always willing to adjust the plan to make pets feel more comfortable. Her care goes beyond the clinic; Sarah cares about how pets do after their appointments as well. She also fosters pets in need of homes so that they can get out of the shelter.

Sarah attended Angelo State University, where she received a Bachelor’s in Animal Science. An avid animal lover, she shares her home with cats, dogs, horses, and fish. Sherlock is a Stafford Terrier mix and Sarah’s adventure buddy. Her six rescue cats are: Aoshi, Hubcap, Zant, Rudye, Cloud, and Eevee. She also has two horses: Ariel, a Polish Arabian Horse who has been Sarah’s best friend since Sarah was fifteen, and Pepper, a Quarter Horse. She’s learned a lot about animal body language from her horses. She has four fish tanks with a medley of fish.

Deanna Hill

Deanna Hill

Veterinary Technician

Deanna’s compassion and empathy help make patients and clients comfortable during their visits. She enjoys building relationships with clients and puts herself in their shoes. This helps her understand their concerns and provide exceptional care. She loves teaching clients about vaccines, parasites, and preventive care. Clients appreciate her detailed and knowledgeable approach.

A lifelong learner, Deanna was the first high-school graduate from her family in the last half-century. She received a full academic scholarship to Texas State University, where she received her BS in Biology and Biochemistry. Her studies focused on zoology and molecular biology. She taught General Chemistry Lab at the university level and Biology and Chemistry at the high school level. She loves sharing her knowledge with her team and clients. She hopes to one day get her Master’s in STEM Education or complete her Teaching Certification.

Deanna grew up in Canyon Lake, TX and has a love for exotics and large animals. She worked as a zoo aide at Janda Exotics and spent six years managing a horse and longhorn ranch in New Braunfels. On the weekends she can be found riding her Quarab gelding with her senior beagle mix following loyally behind.

Yulia Berray

Yulia Berray

Veterinary Technician

Yulia knows there’s more to the vet visit than just the time the clients and patients spend in the hospital. She makes sure clients have their pets’ medications and understand any post-treatment directions. She also checks in on the pet after the visit. Clients also appreciate how personable and passionate Yulia is. She empathizes with clients, gets to know them and their pets, and tries to make every visit positive and collaborative so that clients feel involved.

Yulia loves being able to be a voice for animals and help them feel better. She reads their body language and works with the vet to figure out the best way to help the pet. She also uses Fear Free techniques, such as rewards and a gentle approach, to help pets feel comfortable. She can draw blood on even the feistiest patient.

Yulia is currently enrolled in the Vet Technician program at Ashworth College. Her goal is to become a licensed veterinary technician. When not helping pets at Firehouse or studying for school, she loves to watch movies with her two Chihuahuas, Sammy and Jazz, and her cat, Odin.

Joey Tellez

Joey Tellez

Veterinary Technician

Joey believes in working together with clients to ensure their pets get the best care. She wants clients to be involved in the entire appointment process, even inviting them to come back to the treatment area with their pet. Joey also loves teaching clients about at-home care, training, nutrition, and prevention. She takes time to answer all the clients’ questions and make sure they leave feeling comfortable with the doctor’s plan.

Joey’s favorite things about being a veterinary technician are meeting all the pets and helping sick or injured pets recover. She wants pets to feel loved and comfortable while visiting Firehouse. She learns pets’ unique needs to help them get the best care and live long healthy lives.
Joey plans to enroll in the Ashworth College Vet Technician program so that she can continue to learn and expand her scope of care. Her goal is to work in zoology and help rescued wildlife. She rescued her two dogs, Snow and Max (a Great Pyrenees and a golden retriever) from a farm and nursed them through heartworm treatment. Now they are best friends who love to play all day.

Jona Wade

Jona Wade

Veterinary Technician Assistant

Clients appreciate Jona’s exceptional communication skills. She actively listens to clients’ questions and concerns, summarizes their needs, and takes time to answer their questions. She wants clients to feel heard and involved in their pets’ visit. She is empathetic to client concerns and builds lasting relationships with people and patients by taking time to get to know them.

Jona knows the vet can be a scary place for pets, so she uses Fear Free techniques to keep pets comfortable and secure. She treats each pet like her own, adjusting her care to fit their unique needs. Whether a pet needs extra time, a calm voice and touch, or even just some belly rubs, Jona will find something to help scared and nervous pets feel better.

Jona shares her home with her rescue pets: Koda (pit bull), Remi (lab mix), Emilio and Charlie (cats), and several reptiles who needed extra love and care. She has a soft spot for exotic pets and large animals. When not working, she loves to explore nature or watch scary movies.

Amy Terway (she/her)

Amy Terway (she/her)

Veterinary Technician Trainer

Amy has over thirty years of experience in the veterinary field. This allows her to read patients’ body language and tailor the experience to their unique needs. By adapting her care to each pet, she is able to help clients and patients feel comfortable and low-stress for everyone involved. Amy loves educating clients about all aspects of their pets’ care, but especially things they can do at home to help their pets live long, healthy lives.

Amy uses a calm, steady approach when greeting patients and helping with their exams. She gives pets time to adjust to her presence first, and uses positive reinforcement to encourage pets to cooperate. Keeping pets comfortable is very important to Amy. She loves helping in surgery and puzzling through difficult medical cases with the veterinarians. She attended the Certified Veterinary Assistant program through the Texas Veterinary Medical Association.

A huge dog lover, Amy shares her home with her three border collie/papillon mixes: Envy, Puck, and Mickey. They all do flyball and agility courses. She also loves to ride horses, and has owned horses in the past. When indoors, she can be found cooking or baking delicious food, or reading a good book.

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