Our win is your win: a happy team can focus on keeping your pets healthy!

It’s also confirmation that our behind-the-scenes team building is working.

Your pet benefits when our team feels valuable

Every team member knows they’re an important part of fulfilling our company promise:

To provide top-notch healthcare for your pet and to offer you the best experience at our hospital.

We call this our 100 Little Things philosophy. We go above and beyond in 100 little ways to make a BIG different in your experience.

You and your pet benefit when our team feels like a valuable contributor to our company mission.

Dr Jane Shaw, Communications expert from Colorado State University, offering one-on-one feedback to team members at Firehouse Leander.

Team member skillsets blossom with training. Cats and dogs benefit, too.

Firehouse invests in each of our 105 team members. We aim to grow skillsets and evolve careers to meet personal goals.

Education also creates better patient outcomes.

For example, we studied veterinary communication with Dr Jane Shaw from Colorado State University. She visited Firehouse many times over the course of two years. During her trainings, she helped us improve our speaking, listening, and questioning skills.

Improved communication helps our team better interact with you and behind-the-scenes with teammates. At the end of the day, and most importantly, it creates better patient outcomes.

Texas Humane Heroes 2020 Chili Cookoff Teams from 3 of our 5 locations spent a recent Saturday helping support Texas Humane Heroes at their annual chili cookoff.

You feel the afterglow of our community donations

Time, money, and free healthcare donations bring greater meaning to our work. Firehouse’s contributions total almost $1 million.

We know that contentment and gratitude come from thinking beyond one’s self. Our philanthropy program helps us serve a larger purpose. It is satisfying to know that we’ve helped a pet find his forever home because we’ve helped him get healthy.
Supporting the community lifts each individual player and bonds our team.

As long as our doors are open, we’ll continue to serve our community animal nonprofits.

You and your pet benefit from that sense of purpose and commitment to helping all pets!

This award brought great joy to our 5 hospitals and the Pet Resort.

It motivates us to work even harder on your pet’s behalf.

Thank you for giving us your vote of confidence each time you visit Firehouse. We’re excited to see you at your pet’s 2021 wellness exam. 


*Method: Each summer, a third-party contractor called Energage polls employees at Austin businesses. The team gets an anonymous survey via email. Participation requires a 60% completion rate. The Statesman released results in early November.
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