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dog and cat

It’s us—Juniper & Raja. You might have seen us on the Firehouse magnet. We’re Firehouse pets and official mascots. 😊 

We’ve noticed this time each year that you make a list of ways to improve your life. It seems like a great idea! On behalf of your pets, we’re asking for some resolutions of our own.

#1: Devote more time to training us
Take it from us, bored pets shred curtains, chew sunglasses, or pee on rugs to keep things interesting.

Can you please teach us new skills? Or brush up on old tricks?

When we have fun, we’re smarter and burn extra energy so we come home to rest.

#2: Make sure we don’t overeat
That costume you bought us last Halloween feels a little tight. 😉

Did you know that 50% of American cats and dogs are obese or overweight?

Can we revisit our diet and nutrition plans? It’s time to get back to the right body weight for our size.

#3: Please make time for daily exercise
Can we run around?

Exercise keeps our body and mind in good shape.

Keep us in tip-top form with a game of fetch, a brisk walk around a new place, or a fast-paced game of pounce on the feather wand. 🙏

#4: Devote time to our choppers
We don’t want to gross you out when we snuggle.

Most cats and dogs have poor dental health by age 3.

Please take us to Firehouse for a yearly dental cleaning. They can clean our teeth — especially, under our gumline better than treats or brushing do.

#5: Let’s do self-care together
We want to show off our best sides!

When it’s time for your haircut or manicure, it might be time for my grooming, too.

Firehouse Silver/Gold/Platinum clients get free nail trims. If you’re new, Firehouse charges $45.45* for nail trims. Or watch this video to learn how to do it at home.

For grooming, keep our coats shiny with healthy food. Some of our friends have long hair that needs brushing or it gets matted.

Visit our Firehouse folks for a checkup, too. Looking at things when we’re healthy creates a baseline if we ever get sick. We also never mind the extra love and care we get there!

We, as your pets, are excited to make these changes with you in the year ahead. Thank you for the warm home, love and care you share.

If we need guidance, Firehouse can show us the way. Give them a call with any questions.

*price subject to change

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