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Weston Feline Ambassador of Helpful Cuddles

weston.pngWeston Feline Ambassador of Helpful Cuddles

Weston was born in the wilds of North Austin. A good Samaritan found Weston when he was just a tiny kitten. He had been in an accident, and his back, pelvis, and tail were all severely injured. Weston’s savior brought him to Dr. Mendoza for help. Dr. Mendoza amputated Weston’s tail, but not his spirit!.

In the last year, he has learned to walk again and now can jump and run just like other kitties. Weston’s injuries did leave him with some lasting nerve damage that made him incontinent. He can’t use a litterbox like other kitties but it doesn’t keep him down – he just rocks his fashion-forward diapers while out and about!

He now lives with Dr. Mendoza and her family, but comes to work with her every day to meet and greet all his new friends and coworkers at Firehouse! In his spare time, Weston enjoys mercilessly killing crickets, hanging out with his baby human brother Ethan, and posting about his adventures on Instagram: @firehouseweston

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